Sunday, October 28, 2012

Miss "V"

Such a sweet girl ready for her quinceanera.  Her dress was beautiful, and I think the pictures turned out beautiful!  I love having beautiful people to photograph...makes my job so much easier! :o)

Family "H"

Is this not the most beautiful little family you have ever seen?!?!?!  This is my cousin, his beautiful wife, and their precious sweet baby girl.  She was great through the entire shoot....although the rest of us were quite toasty in the 85 degree house, she was loving it and was in hog heaven!  She did great!  

Baby "A"

This little girl is absolutely precious!!!  She is a little doll! Flint coached with her dad, and her mom and I became friends.  So, I had the honor of taking her one year pictures and she was a blast!  

One of my favorite people!  She is truly my life saver on a daily basis...friend, co-work, and much more!  She and her wonderful husband are great people and my family and I are so lucky to have them in our lives!

Senior "J"

One of Flint's football players from NFHS.  He was a lot of fun, once he warmed up to the camera!  He's now in college playing some ball!  

Family "C"

I have to say....I am a little partial to this sweet little family!  This is my beautiful sister, handsome brother-in-law and my adorable nephew!  It's a tradition to take their family pictures at Thanksgiving, so we eat, rest, then get ready to go shoot!  Always a fun time!  You can tell, the little man is a character!!!  Runs in the family! :o)